5 Fabulous Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

After all these years that she’s taken care of you, loved you, caned you, advised you, stood by you, protected you, prayed for you, fought for you, paid your school fees, fed you for years, what are you doing for her this Mother’s Day?

Published On May 17, 2015 21:39

And The Winners of The #LoveTins Valentine Contest Are.....

We run a contest on #LoveTins for fans and clients to share their secondary school experience during Valentine's Day and it's been great with the stories that many had to share!

Published On May 17, 2015 21:33

Exciting Yet Very Non-Traditional Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas For Her

Red velvety roses, rich chocolates and red wine are just a few examples of the usual gifts most men buy for their girlfriends, wives or that crush they have been meaning to ask out. But surely, enough of those gifts already! Can we do something more non-traditional please? If she is quite the fashionista or a fashion blogger, why not grab this fabulous looking African print netted blazer from AkuShika to surprise her? Trust us she will be absolutely thrilled!

Published On May 17, 2015 21:27

The Valentines Day #LoveTins Contest

Yes you read right! On the last post we wrote, we took you down the memory lane and brought back a lot of interesting memories on how Valentines Day used to be in High School and boy, did we get a lot of interesting comments! So we decided to turn this #LoveTins promo into a proper contest. It's really simple, we are looking for the most interesting valentines day stories from back in the days.

Published On May 17, 2015 20:42

Valentine’s Day Back In The Day. #LoveTins

Valentine’s Day means a different thing to everybody. For some it’s a declaration of love, renewal or reminder of love or a day to show love to everyone. Remember how Valentine’s Day was back in the day? Way back in secondary school and University days? Especially in secondary school time when February 14 was a crucial day for many young women to feel extra-special. Interestingly, it’s a day enjoyed by women more than the men as traditionally it’s a man who declares his love to the ‘only mosquito in his net’.

Published On May 17, 2015 20:03