Storefoundry Holiday Gift Guide: Delightful Surprising Gifts For The Lady In Your Life.

What are you buying the lady in your life this Christmas? Thought of anything yet? Or you are stumped because she has just about everything you can think of?

Published On December 11, 2015 18:55

Amp Up Your Gentleman's Style With This PocketSquare Tutorial.

The pocket square is more than just a fabric in your jacket. It goes beyond just stuffing it in, in a lame attempt to look dapper. Whether its solid or patterned every pocket square is a key clothing accessory item which adds to every gentlemans panache. Of course depending on how it is folded. 

Published On September 16, 2015 14:19

Brogue Shoe Guide For Men

For a shoe which originated from just protecting the feet from water during long walks in terrains; the Brogue has come a long fashion evolution way.

Published On July 02, 2015 23:34

Best Advice on Natural Hair Curl Patterns & Its Maintenance.

So you have gone natural, haven’t you? Best news ever!! What next? Did you learn more about what kind of curl pattern you have? Curl pattern? Yep! Every natural hair has a curl pattern and you can go crazy trying to type your hair.  Should you even type your hair? There’s way too much online noise on curl patterns that it would have you going nuts in a short time. Just know that if you are an African woman you are either a 4B or a 4C. That’s for the tighter coil patterns.

Published On June 03, 2015 21:29