Amp Up Your Gentleman's Style With This PocketSquare Tutorial.

The pocket square is more than just a fabric in your jacket. It goes beyond just stuffing it in, in a lame attempt to look dapper. Whether its solid or patterned every pocket square is a key clothing accessory item which adds to every gentlemans panache. Of course depending on how it is folded. 

So how good are your pocket-folding skills? Average or non-existent? Well here is a step-by-step tutorial of one of the many ways to folding your pocket square.




1. Lay the pocket square on a flat surface.

2. Fold into a triangle. 

3. Pick the two longer ends of the triangle and fold them down onto the peak point. 

4. Now pick and fold over the two ends to meet at the middle.

5. Finally, fold over the peak point to meet the folded in ends.

6. Flip over and insert into pocket.

7. Go and be dapper. 

One Tip on choosing a pocket square for your outfit.

  • Avoid matching your pocketsquare with your tie. It should compliment it not match it. So for example if your tie has a teeny weeny bit of red in it, get a pocket square with a solid red color or with also little splatters of red in it. Avoid going on this path;  solid red tie with solid red pocket square. If both tie and pocket square have the same pattern, fold the pocket square to show teasers of it. Very quietly. 

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Published On September 16, 2015 14:19

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