Brogue Shoe Guide For Men

For a shoe which originated from just protecting the feet from water during long walks in terrains; the Brogue has come a long fashion evolution way.

The dapper men are rocking Brogues in slim ankle pants whilst sporting fedora’s and flower lapel pins. Brogues are easy to spot but do you really know the types of Brogues out there?   As a gentleman, this is a need-to-know and we have just the right guide for you. 

How can you identify a Brogue? Brogue styles are identified by their toe-caps which consist of four styles: full or ‘wingtip’ brogues, semi brogues, quarter brogues and longwing brogues.


Full brogue

Also known as ‘wingtips’ in the US. When looking down on these shoes, the toe cap style looks like a “W” . Why wingtips? Because the W also looks like a bird with extended wings. There are perforations on the toe cap of a full brogue with serrations along its edges  and has more fancy decorative holes in the center of the cap. It looks very fancy and all formal on first look.




 This shoe is a full brogue without the "W" feature on the toe-cap. It also has special decorative perforations and serrations along the caps edge. Its also topped with decorative perforations in the center of the cap. 


Quarter Brogues

Take away the decorative perforations on the top of the cap of the semi brogue and you have yourself a quarter brogue. It has decorative perforations and serrated cap edges as well. Just nothing on the cap toe.  This is the most formal of brogue shoes and perfect for weddings and executive business meetings.



Longwing Brogues

These are Derby style shoes distinguished by a pointed toe cap. It has wings that extend the full length of the shoe, meeting at a center seam at the heel.


Now how do you feel about knowing everything about your brogues? If you are confused just call them Oxfords. :) 


Published On July 02, 2015 23:34

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