Best Advice on Natural Hair Curl Patterns & Its Maintenance.

So you have gone natural, haven’t you? Best news ever!! What next? Did you learn more about what kind of curl pattern you have? Curl pattern? Yep! Every natural hair has a curl pattern and you can go crazy trying to type your hair.  Should you even type your hair? There’s way too much online noise on curl patterns that it would have you going nuts in a short time. Just know that if you are an African woman you are either a 4B or a 4C. That’s for the tighter coil patterns.

The hair grouping came up in order to determine which products are good for which hair type, says Korkor Kugblenu of The Body Butter Co who granted a quick online chat time on natural hair curl patterns. But I think so many other factors affect our hair types; our diet , allergies and climate for example.”

We live in a rather hot and humid climate, which shrinks our coils and that can be quite frustrating. Our diet is also very starchy and rich in proteins when we choose to eat that.

Too much protein causes damage to the hair.

This is great advice for all African women gone natural:

  • Don’t worry too much about typing your hair, she forewarns. 
  • Eat healthy and avoid chemical rich products. In other words, less processed foods and more organics.

  • Listen to your hair. Pay attention to what works for it. Some products are wonderful for it whilst others are meh! Try one product at a time and stick to that one. Try coconut oil to retain moisture, restore damaged hair cells etc. Other oils such as olive oil are also great. Find what works for you.


  • Get good sleep and find ways to destress. Stress isnt good for your hair. 


Are you experiencing natural hair wahala and not sure what to do? Send in your questions and we will have the right experts responding to you! Or share your story on how you maintain your curls and coils. 


Published On June 03, 2015 21:29

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