Valentine’s Day Back In The Day. #LoveTins

Valentine’s Day means a different thing to everybody. For some it’s a declaration of love, renewal or reminder of love or a day to show love to everyone. Remember how Valentine’s Day was back in the day? Way back in secondary school and University days? Especially in secondary school time when February 14 was a crucial day for many young women to feel extra-special. Interestingly, it’s a day enjoyed by women more than the men as traditionally it’s a man who declares his love to the ‘only mosquito in his net’.

Lets take a walk down memory lane shall we? Back into the time of secondary school days. Before February 14, most of the major post offices in Ghana are awashed with red envelopes and parcels. Almost every young man has sent his school sweetheart something special or not. It’s a busy time for every post officer who probably would groan at the piles of envelopes staring back at him. Finally, as the day dawns on the ‘Korkorr’ Day (Red Day), every in-love beating heart wakes up to the joy and anticipation of whether their names will be mentioned in the dining hall by the assigned post girl to pick a parcel from the bursary or of the number of cards the postman will be handing out after lunch. Double is the anticipation if Val’s Day falls on a weekend! Thats when the boys deliver their parcels personally! Classes during that weekday is a mindless activity with 90% of the female brain focused on the ringing of the lunch bell. When the bell finally tolls, the air is electric and the smell of excitement can almost be touched as hundreds of feet rush to the benched dining hall with every ear perking at every announcement being made. Eating lunch is almost a chore. Then finally! The post girl announces, ‘The following girls are to go for their parcels!’ Sometimes one name gets mentioned about three times which is usually accompanied by whoops of joy, eii’s and eish’es! Those whose names aren’t mentioned pray that at least that wouldn’t repeat during the letter delivery time. Red envelopes are clutched preciously to the heart of every girl beaming with a huge smile! Those with parcels opened them during siesta forgoing their sleep for exciting moments of ripping open the parcel to reveal a huge teddy bear, a box of chocolates, perfume, sweets, biscuits, etc. Every dormitory was a cacophony of ooh's and aah's, screams, laughter and fun!

Those who didn’t get either card or parcel were teased as ‘gnashers or gnashites’ by their roommates and had to hide in the library and just pray the day would end quickly.

The following days revealed hilarious stories and scandals such as some girls who sent cards to themselves and pretended they were from a loved one. One scandal in one of the schools revealed that a well-wrapped parcel with a huge red ribbon was sent to one notorious girl. She carried the box proudly to her room with her colleagues crowding behind her trying to satisfy their curiousity only for her to open the box to find a roasted goat head with teeth blared out staring at her. Her scream carried on for miles! It was also rumoured that guys who were broke, broke up with their girlfriends before Valentine's Day only to apologise two days later with a promise to do better the following year. Valentines Day during school time was unforgettable! But now things have changed and no goat head will be received by anyone anymore thanks to ecommerce in Ghana. This Valentine’s Day pop-in to our online store to order; unusually beautiful ombre roses and orchids from Orchidea, skin care products from Body Butter Company, clutches from RootsbyNaa or gadgets from DeviceGh. We will deliver the surprise to her doorstep at home, work or school or any part of Ghana. No stress and no gnashing this Vals Day! #LoveTins

Published On May 17, 2015 20:03

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