Exciting Yet Very Non-Traditional Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas For Her

Red velvety roses, rich chocolates and red wine are just a few examples of the usual gifts most men buy for their girlfriends, wives or that crush they have been meaning to ask out. But surely, enough of those gifts already! Can we do something more non-traditional please? If she is quite the fashionista or a fashion blogger, why not grab this fabulous looking African print netted blazer from AkuShika to surprise her? Trust us she will be absolutely thrilled!

Netted Blazer using African print fabric 


You will earn lots of points if you get her great natural hair products to help maintain her natural hair. Getting the right products for hair is very essential so she will be very delighted with a collection of products from The Body Butter Company store whose tried and proven products are the rage currently in Ghana. Or Argan oil from Afro Obsession


Oil elixir for Natural Hair 


Do you love how her skin feels? Or would you like to make it feel like silk? Why not help your woman in her beauty regime with this line of shea-butter products from Skin Gourmet whilst also adding magic products which contain Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint.


Body Scrub 


Show her how much you love her with a power-bank this Valentine because you never know if Dumsor will be in her house after the day's celebration and you know you need to call later for more love talks. Tatas Online has the perfect one for her and you can pair this with  a bottle of wine to make the gift complete.




If after all this, you still want to go traditional then get the best, freshest Red Naomi roses from Orchidea? These velvety flowers will melt any heart and even have your crush saying yes to your proposal before you even ask! That's a guarantee!


Red Naomi Roses 


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Published On May 17, 2015 21:27

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