5 Fabulous Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

After all these years that she’s taken care of you, loved you, caned you, advised you, stood by you, protected you, prayed for you, fought for you, paid your school fees, fed you for years, what are you doing for her this Mother’s Day?

Mother's Day

Mother's Day Its that one day set aside in the year where the world celebrates the special women in our lives, our Mothers’. She may not have given birth to you biologically but she’s been there for you, provided for you and seen you to where you are today and for that she deserves your love and appreciation on this special day. She deserves a gift which will light up her face because it will be so unexpected that it will dredge up sweet nostalgic memories which will bring tears to her aging eyes. Here are the perfect gift ideas for this Mother’s Day to make that day extra-special.


Do you know her favourite perfume? Does she love the smell of roses or flowers?


Everytime she dabs a little on her wrist, she will be reminded of how special you made her feel this Mother’s Day. Scentury Perfumery has a delightful range of perfumes to choose from, but you should absolutely try out the Calvin Klein's Forbidden Euphoria. Every mother deserves to feel beautiful with perfume!




If your Mom kept a garden full of roses, carnations and daisies then you know she will absolutely love a magnificent bouquet of fresh beauties from Orchidea. Whether its tulips, pink roses or sunflowers, one look at this bouquet will have her smiling the whole Sunday! Even if she doesn’t show her smile, you can be sure that she will be showing it off to her friends who come by to visit during the week!


Carnation Flowers for Mom  


Vintage Bags

Bring nostalgic memories of her youthful time in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s with a quality leather vintage bag from Blossom and Wednesday. Back in the day when ‘Galantee’ (what we call block heels today) was all the rage and cute leather handbags were a priority, no woman would have dared go out without their hand-held bags. This beautiful leather vintage bag delicately called Lady Audrina, is an example and you should totally grab it because Blossom and Wednesday has only single pieces i.e. there’s only one of its kind in their collection.


Vintage bag for Mom


Natural Hair & Skin Products

Has your Mom gone natural with her hair? Is she a naturalista like Solange Knowles? Then you know its important for her to maintain it properly with quality natural hair products. Remember when she used to comb your kpenkpeshie and you would cry buckets? Well why not share with her how natural hair is so much easier to manage now? Get her a set of products from Body Butter Company, whether it’s a shampoo or hair conditioner, they have the right one guaranteed for a healthy hair regime. She will absolutely love them.


Natural Hair Products


Get Mom To Drop That Yam

You will never know how much your Mom will love an iPhone till you get her one. She will soon be whatsapping you and sending you selfies! It will be easier to send her photos of her grandchild and family events wouldn’t it? iTech911 has iPhones for you to pick from as well as accessories. Teach her how to use it and you will be glad you did! Make her smile!




Need more inspiration on what to pick? You can check out more stores from our merchants who have something in stock for Mom! We will deliver her gift to her to add to the surprise and you can end the day with a lovely dinner! What else are you doing for Mom this Mother's Day? Share your ideas with us too!

Published On May 17, 2015 21:39

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