Storefoundry Holiday Gift Guide: Delightful Surprising Gifts For The Lady In Your Life.

What are you buying the lady in your life this Christmas? Thought of anything yet? Or you are stumped because she has just about everything you can think of?

Let us save you the stress of wondering with our freshly compiled list of surprising gift ideas, which you can buy her before Christmas Day. The kind of gifts which would delight and surprise her at the same time for the rest of the holidays. 

  • Something Gadgety

Does she love her gadgets? If gadgets are part of her daily work life then you might consider upgrading one of her gadgets or adding the latest to make her work process more efficient. Instead of getting her the latest iPhone why not get her an Apple TV from iTech911? This definitely will get her attention and be a plus for her work as she can get really cool apps for better work efficiency. She will love how supportive you are with her work life. A definite plus for you!


  • A Gigantic Hamper

Is she a foodie? Do you love her cooking? Is she a food blogger? Then surprise her with a gigantic food hamper filled with cooking ingredients  from Lizzy’s Corner which is packed with ingredients such as tin tomatoes, rice, cooking oil, spaghetti and spices. A fruit & vegetable hamper from Galaxy Shop  also offers delightful healthy options to choose from to make a lovely hamper for a delicious Christmas. Think smoothies, salads and more!


  • Home Appliances. Yes Please!

If she has been battling with heating food on a stove without the convenience of a microwave, then you know it’s time to bring some cooking efficiency with one.

Velog Ghana has incredible brand quality home appliances from microwaves to flatscreen TV’s. No more waiting hours for frozen meals to defrost in water. A flat-screen to watch a movie together is also a great investment and gift for the holidays.

  • Natural Hair Products.

Is she a naturalista? Why not show your love for natural hair by grabbing a pack of natural hair products from iHairAfrica , Mejs  or WeNaturals . Just drop these into a gift bag with some tissue paper and you are ready! You can also have them delivered to her doorstep too. You will love her squeal of delight when she opens her gift.


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  • Up Her Fitness Level!

Is the lady in your life a fitness freak? Does she love the gym like Ghanaians love Jollof? The PumaShop has a sleek collection of Puma running and fitness shoes to give her that comfort during her fitness sessions. Every step she takes, she will be thinking of you. Think on that.


That’s our list of delightful gifts you can get the lady in your life this season of giving. She will be in love with you all over again! Need more ideas? Tweet at us @storefoundry and we will share more with you! 

 Happy Holidays!


Published On December 11, 2015 18:55

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